Tuesday, December 18, 2012

a Song - Tuesday's Tune

On Tuesdays I share a tune.
A new song that I love.
Or an old one that I can't get out of my head.
If you've played some music on your blog this week, why don't you link it up here?
Or you can join the fun and make your own Tuesday's Tune post.

It's exactly ONE week until Christmas!
I'm ready, are you?
So let's get all Christmassy and play a Christmas tune today.
Here's one of my favourites.
What's yours?

Happy listening...have a great Tuesday!

And don't forget to link your Tuesday's Tune below :)

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  1. Not a fan of Glee personally but the song is sensational. Thank you for this particular earworm....I will be a happy camper all day long :)
    Becc via #ibot

  2. I love Glee music but I don't watch the show. This is a great song. Rachel xx

  3. we watched Glee the first couple of seasons then stopped. Was that the guy from the wheelchair? Is he cured? And why is Mr Schuester so upset?

  4. ha ha i have steadfastley refused to watch glee... but gosh what awesome music!


  5. Everytime I hear Feliz Navidad I think of The Wiggles and a DVD my nephews had with them singing this on it :)

  6. I hadn't watched glee, it is nice when someone does the hard work and points you in the direction of what they enjoyed :) thanks

  7. I love Glee! But now I can't find the time to catcht new episodes especially with the new casts coming in the interest is not that high anymore. But yeah they produce awesome music indeed!

  8. Ha! Funny ladies, I don't watch Glee either. But I do love their music!!
    Thanks for your comments :)