Thursday, December 20, 2012

a Snap a Set and a Song - Garden

my Snap

Last weekend we discovered another wonderful spot for a picnic and a walk.
Maleny Botanic Gardens is simply Heaven on Earth.


my Set

As we were strolling around the gardens, we saw that it was set up for a wedding.
Sadly I was missing my own cousin's wedding in Sydney on the same day.
She wasn't getting married in a garden.
Her reception was at a swanky harbour side location with a view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
But my set today is all about a garden wedding.


my Song

I love Savage Garden.
I saw them live in Brisbane in 2000.
This is my favourite song of theirs.
It's one of "our" songs.
Perfect for a garden wedding.

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  1. I really like your snap - a bit different from the duck pond. (Can I mention "Tell Me Tuesday"?)

    Very summery set indeed ... and on a day like today here, it seems like it is quite far removed.

    Yet another song I have never heard (or heard of.) Thanks!

  2. I love your wedding set! I could well imagine Savage Garden being featured in many weddings, perfect wedding song. Shame that you missed your cousins wedding, the location sounds amazing.