Thursday, December 27, 2012

a Snap a Set & a Song - Family

my Snap

I'm sure you're already aware unless you really do live under a rock that it was Christmas Day two days ago.
For Christmas we alternate being with my family & my husband's family.
This year is was my fam's turn, at the family farm.
I love it when all 16 of us are in the same place at the same time.
Here are the 'grown-ups' (minus me taking the photo).
The kids were at their own table behind me.

my Set

My family Christmases are always as casual as you can get!
Which I love, because I love being comfy on Christmas Day.
But my heart still wishes for a little glamour.
So here's what I would love to wear if I belonged to the Forrester or Kardashian Family.
(Thank God I don't!!)


my Song

And now a song from one of our favourite family movies.

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  1. While it doesn't happen at Christmas, at our holidays we always get together as a family. Often we have been 2 dozen or more.

    From my family to yours - wishing you the happiest and healthiest of New Years.

  2. Loving the dress! If only I had somewhere to wear it!

  3. I love your set too! I can imagine wearing that dress and shoes. God knows where!

  4. That version of We Are family is very cool! The red dress is a stunner! Don't you just love Christmas? Hope you had the best time! xx

  5. What a gorgeous dress!

    Hope your Christmas was a Merry one!

  6. What a beautiful dress. I'd get myself a light fabric version and wear it anyway! If you can't pretty up on Christmas Day when can you?

  7. Great set!! LOL. Forresters. I could soooo be a Forrester ...
    Merry Christmas Thea!
    From me and my beautiful Sew Thea apron.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  8. I'm in Queensland and we have to be casual for Christmas. It's too hot to be anything else. I hope you have a wonderful New Year. Rachel xx

  9. That red dress is striking! We're lays dressed down for Christmas too. Too hot, otherwise!

  10. Oh I love that dress. Like Rachel I'm in QLD so Christmas ends up being about comfort. I do miss our Christmases in the UK though - hubby and I were on our own mostly so we'd usually be away and doing something more dressy (or more fun).

  11. Great ss&s today. I love that dress too! Can't really imagine swanning into the family shindig in that though - wouldn't want to stand too close to the BBQ!