Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday's Tune

I'm adding a new regular feature to this blog.
On Tuesdays I'm sharing a tune.
A new song that I love.
Or an old one that I can't get out of my head.
If you've played some music on your blog this week, why don't you link it up here?
Or you can join the fun and make your own Tuesday's Tune post.

I'm loving this song at the moment.
I've gotta say I'm not so keen on the video, as usual.
Why can't bands make good music videos anymore?
Anyhow, "Sam and the Womp" are a British band but the lead singer, Bloem de Ligny is Dutch.
Don't you love her sound?
A bit Bjork, huh?
And a bit of brass is always a good thing!



  1. Thanks my kids are dancing around singing "bum bum bum" Then chucked a wobbly as I will not put "bum bum" back on!!

  2. Thanks for hosting this great link up Thea, sorry it took me so long to link up I checked in early Tues morning but then have had computer free time till now. Fairy wishes and butterfly kisses lovely