Thursday, October 18, 2012


my Snap
On the weekend we went to our niece's 21st birthday party.
This is a snap of the birthday girl's boyfriend lighting the candles.

my Set
This set is what the birthday girl wore, her present from us and other birthday party items.
She's a country girl through and through so I love that she wore a pretty dress with cowgirl boots!

my Song
Our niece's name is not Helen, but this is such a great birthday song.

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  1. Best thing about birthdays is new clothes, new jewellery and birthday cake!! That one looks so yum with all the white chocolate around it!

    I'm loving the pink dress and jacket!

    I haven't heard Happy Birthday Helen for soooooo long! What happened to that band I wonder...

  2. A bit late, but it took a while to recover from our trip - I came home with a miserable cold. :-(

    However, BIRTHDAY was an excellent theme for this week as you will see when you stop by my entry ...

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!!!