Thursday, October 11, 2012


I hope you enjoy this week's Snap, Set & Song.

Park - wildlife colours

my Snap
The snap this week is one I took when we visited David Fleay wildlife park at the Gold Coast recently.
It is a lace monitor, commonly known as a goanna.

my Set
I used the colours in the snap as inspiration for my set this week...
greens, greys and browns.

my Song
A blast from the past by Goanna.
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  1. Just arrived here in Walt Disney World - and guess what the first thing I did? Yep - published my SS&S!!

    (Love the monitor lizard!)

  2. I made it! Better late then never!

    Love the close up of the goanna - he looks huge! I'm wanting everything in your set, as usual! And Solid Rock is the quintessential Aussie song - one of my all time favourites - love those drums!

    Wendy xx

  3. Love the set. Fabulous colours remind me of autumn.