Wednesday, March 27, 2013

a Snap - Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday is one of my favourite ways to visit blogs.
Mainly pictures, not too many words to read, love it!
Starting from this week I'm adding a linky to my Wordless Wednesday post
so I can see your great photos from the week.

I'm still going to link up with Trish @ My Little Drummer Boys each week.
I'm just spreading the Wordless Wednesday love a little further.

I love that these flowers come in so many different colours.
I don't think I've seen one this pretty peach colour before, though.

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  1. What a beautiful colour! The Welshman bought me some lilies in the weekend when he popped out to get bread (he's good like that!) and they're all out now in wonderful shades of pink and yellow. Always such a surprise when they open!

  2. Their colour is so delicate. They look like perfect icing on a very special cake.

  3. I need to start buying flowers for my house!

  4. oooo Ive never seen a flower like that!!

  5. Stunning colours Thea and beautiful flower.

  6. Hoping to start seeing some flowers around here soon ... but in the meantime I enjoy seeing yours. :-)