Thursday, March 28, 2013

a Snap a Set and a Song - Bush

my Snap

An Australian bush track.
This one is in Pomona at the base of Mt Cooroora.

my Set

I've used the greys and greens of the Australian bush as inspiration for my set this week.


my Song

I was in primary school when Kate Bush was on the charts with this song.
I thought she was a little bit nutty, but I loved this song.
Still do now.

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  1. Your "bush track" looks suspiciously like my "woodland trail". LOL!

    That is a very green set ... mine does have a green belt this week.

    And as for Kate's bush ... (running and hiding as fast as I can.) ;-P

  2. That bush track looks so inviting, and makes me want to go for a bush walk!

    Your set is gorgeous - I especially love the jacket!

    Kate Bush was something else, wasn't she! So out there! Love her!