Thursday, January 3, 2013

a Snap a Set & a Song - Fireworks

my Snap

One thing that goes with New Year celebrations are fireworks.
We didn't see any this year, but we did hear them from my mother-in-law's back patio at Caloundra.
This snap was taken when the local show was in town in 2010.
We can see the fireworks from the end of our back lane.

my Set

We had a very quiet, very casual New Year's Eve.
Which was fine by me!
Fish 'n' chips and some bubbles...all is good.
I managed to talk my husband into staying up until midnight to watch the Sydney fireworks on the telly.
So my set is not what I actually wore on NYE (my pjs!)
Oh no no!!
It's another fantasy set, because they are the best kind, right?


my Song

I know, I know.
Soooooo predictable!
But I had to...I love Katy!

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  1. Fireworks - I did manage to find one or two shots I had taken.

    Very nice snap yourself ... especially since I am guessing it was handheld? Or was it?

    New Year's Eve was simply a sweatshirt and pair of jeans at my cousin's house down the block. LOL! Lost of (illegal) firecrackers around. And if you stand in the street you can see a number of official municipalities in NY and NJ having their fireworks show.

    Great song!

  2. The fireworks are wonderful. I also love the outfit.

  3. Can't seem to find the linky...Anyways, love your fireworks shot, and the outfit is gorgeous as usual!Love that song, gives me chills. xx

    1. I think the linky has been playing up Wendy! I hope it's back now.