Thursday, January 31, 2013

a Snap a Set and a Song - Brown

my Snap

This past week we were all caught totally by surprise and found our town
(and many other Queensland towns)
I've seen so many recently that the shock factor at seeing so much water has almost gone.
What still amazes me every time though is how brown the water is.
I cannot believe people swim in it...but they do...dopes!

my Set

I've never been a big fan of brown.
Five years in a brown high school uniform probably caused that!
But brown can be nice...see.....


my Song

This song is older than me...just!
What a great old classic.

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  1. I'll be singing brown songs for a week now!

    Can't believe how much Queensland has flooded again! I hope your family is on safe ground.

    I am in love with the bag in your set - it reminds me of chocolate! :)

  2. That hat! It is so cute! I can't believe people swim in that gross water either. I'm feeling for my fellow Queenslanders right now :-(
    What a crazy state we live in. Brown eyed girl is a favourite of mine. I love Van the Man.

  3. I don't get the swimming in flood water either. Apart from the fact that it's contaminated to high heaven, you can't see through it and ANYTHING could be floating around in there!! Hope you and your family are ok x

  4. Ahh that brown water is my nemesis. It seems all too many of us were surrounded by it sometime this week. :(
    But instead of getting upset, I'll just get a wriggle on and do what I can to help clean up. x

  5. Glad to hear you were safe - as for flood waters, ICK, so much could go wrong. Emily x