Thursday, August 9, 2012


It's Thursday...

Snap, Set & Song day!

This week the theme is -


a Snap
There are only three weeks of winter left (insert sad face here).
But we all know that winter in Queensland is practically non-existant.
Winter? What winter??
That is why it is my favourite time of year.
You've got to love daytime maximums of low 20s.
So, getting onto the snap...
I was tempted to use a misty, frosty photo that my brother took (with my camera) on the farm.
But I decided to go with two others instead...

A typical winter day in our parts.
This is where we went to play last weekend.
At Dicky Beach, Caloundra.

And just to prove I do really know what a real winter is like
the second snap is us in Vienna on Christmas Day, 2002.

a Set
I've always loved winter jackets, but there is absolutely no point buying one as I would never get to wear it here.
So this is my dream outfit for a cold winter.
Snowy white, icy blue and black accessories.

a Song
I loved the Bangles in the 80s.
They were SO good.
They still sound good now!

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I hope you enjoy my Snap(s), Set & Song.


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  1. I had the perfect post to link up Thea! Thanks so much for having me.

    Best wishes and enjoy these last few days of gorgeous weather!
    Natasha in Oz

  2. Good news - after being out all day my cable company has us back online and I have posted my SS&S.

    And - I'm sorry but 20° and on the beach is not winter. LOL! (See my post to see a real winter.)

    Glad to be able to join in this week. :-)

  3. I can't believe you're on the beach in winter! It looks so summery!
    I am in love with the coat in your set - gorgeous!
    And funnily enough, Hazy Shade was my first choice of song, Vivaldi was my second, lol!
    Have a great week! xx

  4. So jealous of you being at the beach in winter, I wish! I don't really like winter that much, I much prefer spring and autumn, especially with the temps getting below zero here lately!