Thursday, August 16, 2012


It's Thursday...

Snap, Set & Song day!

This week the theme is -


a Snap
I chose the theme of Ceremony this week because I love a good opening or closing ceremony for the Olympic or Commonwealth Games.
I was a bit disappointed with the London Games opening ceremony, but the closing ceremony was fabulous.
I've never been to any of these ceremonies live, but my husband went to the Brisbane Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in 1982 and saw Matilda, the giant winking kangaroo mascot.
Recently she has parked herself only ten minutes away from here at a truck and travel stop...also called Matilda.
We stopped earlier this year to show the kids and I was surprised how big it was
Look how little the kids look!

a Set
One of the reasons I loved the London Games closing ceremony was that it featured the best British designers and models.
For my set this week, I've chosen nothing my favourite British fashion icon, the Duchess of Cambridge.
This was her look for the closing ceremony.

a Song
The best thing about the closing ceremony was the music. So many great songs and artists!
Here's the list...

Our House - Madness
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys
What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction
Imagine - John Lennon
Freedom - George Michael
Fashion - David Bowie
Little Bird - Annie Lennox
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory/I am the Walrus - Russell Brand
Right Here Right Now/Rockerfella Skank - Fatboy Slim
Money - Jessie J
Dymanite - Taio Cruz
Spice up your Life - Spice Girls
Wonderwall - Oasis
Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Bright Side of Life - Eric Idle
We Will Rock You - Queen
Rule the World - Take That

My favourite? The Spice Girls...of course!

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I hope you enjoy my Snap, Set & Song.


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  1. Thanks for this theme this week (though next week would have been even better. LOL!) As you see on my SS&S, it was perfect for me!

    That is one big Kangaroo!!!!

    TBH - I didn't look much at the fashion except for the costumes in the opening and closing section.

    And why aren't I surprised that you went with a Spice Girls song? :-)

  2. I feel a bit bad to say I'd forgotten about Matilda and the Brisbane Commonwealth Games! It's all coming back to me now! That's such a great picture of Matilda and your kids!

    I love the London font in your set, and the Spice Girls completely rock in that clip! How fast are they going on the top of the taxis??!! I didn't see the closing ceremony, but I might have to watch it on You tube now after seeing the Spice Girls perform. Very cool! :)