Wednesday, July 4, 2012


It's Thursday!

Time for my...

Snap, Set & Song.

This week the theme is - FAIRYTALE

a Snap - This time last week, my Miss 4 and I were on our way to Brisbane to see Disney on Ice. We were both very excited and the show was wonderful. We had third row sets with an excellent view. Cinderella has always been my favourite.

a Set - Miss 4 was quite disappointed, however, when Sleeping Beauty did not appear on stage with all of the other princesses. So here is a Sleeping Beauty set just for her. I ran it by her, she's pretty happy with it.

a Song - I know this song is more like an anti-fairytale, but I'm totally in love with it right now. I love the song, and I love the video even more. It is SO pretty!

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I hope you enjoy my Snap, Set & Song.


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  1. I really like that song, and I hadn't realised it had such a stunning clip. Her divorce has had a real impact on her songs! Of all the fairytales, it is a tad uncanny that we both chose Sleeping Beauty, and yet we managed to find different images! Your set is so pretty! And how incredible that you had such good seats for Disney on Ice! The Cinderella snap is amazing! xx

  2. Cinderella is getting her due with this week's theme. (sorry but Linky crashed when it was processing my thumbnail)