Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's Thursday!

Time for my...

Snap, Set & Song.

This week the theme is


a Snap - I've been at the duck pond almost every day this week because Miss 4 has a new scooter. The water fountains were my inspiration for this week's theme. But in the end I couldn't get the perfect snap of the fountains, so I'm using an old one of the canal near my mother-in-law's house.

a Set - How gorgeous is this dress? I love watery colours.

a Song - Am I too predictible with my song choice again this week?

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I hope you enjoy my Snap, Set & Song.


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  1. It's true - you can have dozens of pictures that fit a theme - but none that say "use me!" And I always try to use something that it uniquely "me."

    Another fun theme ... thanks!

  2. The colours in your snap and set are so beautiful! That dress - my gosh! I really love the Brooke Fraser song-it's so quirky and unique! xx

  3. How could I resist joining in this week! What a perfect theme!

    Thanks for having me.