Thursday, May 24, 2012


It's Thursday!

Time for my...

Snap, Set & Song.

This week the theme is


a Snap - The theme this week came from this photograph. I just love the colour of the mallard duck's head!

a Set - Green is a colour I rarely wear. But I'd wear this if I could.

a Song - It's amazing what you discover when you go searching on YouTube. I was originally going to use Cee Lo Green's 'Forget You' but I wanted something different...less predictible! ;) So I typed 'green' into YouTube's search bar and discovered Brendan James. Why haven't I heard of him before?? I love his sound. He's like Michael Bublé mixed with Tim Freedman.

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I hope you enjoy my Snap, Set & Song.


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  1. That is a GREAT photo! I always love the way the head of these ducks seem to glow or sparkle in the sun. :-)

  2. That dress is gorgeous!! I'd buy it!! :)

  3. Your duck picture is beautiful and your green set is so pretty! I haven't heard of Brendan James either, but I am a fan now. He's scrumlicious, and the song is heartwrenching. Thanks for the intro! xx