Wednesday, February 13, 2013

a Snap - Wordless Wednesday

Our little lemon tree really enjoyed all the rain we've had recently.
I'm looking forward to eating our first home grown lemon.
We also have a lime tree, mango tree and mulberry tree.
What foods do you grow in your garden?

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  1. Stunning capture Thea, love the water droplets against the green.

  2. MMmmm Lemon, lime and mango just make me think: cheesecake! So glad you've had rain up your way.

  3. Oh, that's just gorgeous, Thea. I've been busy snapping pics in my garden too - something about rain making the plants just sparkle!

    We have a very successful bay tree in our back garden, and rosemary on our front porch, all of which get eaten regularly. We also grow lots of gardenias and succulents and cordylines which, strictly speaking, aren't food, but no one seems to have informed the bunny boys who free range in our garden! x

  4. I seem to kill lemon trees and it drives me batty - any tips? Lovely photo by the way - Emily

  5. I love our little lemon tree. It has started producing such lovely, juicy lemons. I hope yours does the same.

  6. Oh fabulous photo i love how closeup you have got.

  7. Great photo. We have a small and very messy veggie garden. A lot of mint, a little bit of basil, some zucchinis and tomatoes.

  8. Right now? Slushies. LOL!

    Love your shot.