Thursday, November 8, 2012


my Snap(s)
I've taken millions of photos of clouds, well maybe not that many, but close!
I've snapped dark stormy clouds, wispy barely-there clouds, pink clouds, orange clouds, fiery red clouds.
But this was the most amazing cloud I've photographed.
I took these just over a year ago, when I was at the duck pond with my brother and his family.
Right across the sky, immediately above our heads, were what looked like giant angel's wings.
I couldn't fit it all into my camera's frame so I have to show you as a series of three.
It was one of the most wonderous things I've ever seen.

my Set
My set is inspired by white fluffy clouds and angels.


my Song
My song this week is a groovy little tune by Jack Johnson.

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  1. Those cloud photos are amazing! And I love your set- especially the shoes, though I could never walk in them. Lovely :)

    1. I couldn't walk in them either!! Everything I choose here is pure fantasy. :)

      Thanks so much for linking.

  2. The angel wing cloud photos are incredible! Sometimes nature does the most amazing things! Your set is truly heavenly and magical! I love the movement of the clouds and water in the Jack Johnson clip.xx

  3. Finally back online and able to play with you again! :-)

    Love your clouds!