Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's Thursday!
Time for my Snap, Set & Song.
Plus something special...

Yesterday was ANZAC Day so that inspired my theme for this week.

a Snap - We went to the parade in our town and I took my camera (because I pretty much take it everywhere). I was getting a little choked up as I took this one.
a Set - The set is from the era of The Great War, or World War I as we now know it.
a Song - I hadn't heard this song until I went searching YouTube for ANZAC songs. I think it's lovely.

I have an extra something special that I read on Clairey Hewitt's blog this week.
This poem was "possibly (most likely definitely)" written by Clairey's Great Grandfather.
Please click on the link (or the poem) to visit her blog where it is written in its entirety.
It's worth it, I promise!


I hope you enjoy my Snap, Set & Song.
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  1. Since the linky is not working at the moment, I will post my link here (and then hopefully come back and add it if/when the linky is working.)

    So what did an American come up with for this theme you ask ...

  2. Me to Posting my Anzac inspiration here.

    I knew you'd do Adam Brand for the anzac song - so I took a lil different direction.

  3. Thanks for sharing my poem, well, not mine exactly, but you know what I mean!

    Anzac day means something even more to me know I have found this treasure, both my grandfathers were in the second world war, and this poem certainly shows a little of Amiens for the first.